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The Russian/Turkish Bath Experience

A centuries-old tradition, Russian and Turkish Baths promote health and wellness through hot and cold bathing.

First, the safe, intense heat of the Russian and Turkish Bath or steam room relaxes your mind while activating your body. An attendant douses large heated rocks with water to produce more progressive heat and steam, opening your pores. In Turkish Baths, you might even pour cool water on yourself to intensify the experience. Add to these holistic methods the soft warm whisks of oak, birch or eucalyptus leaves gently brushed over your body. Your skin glows as this light exfoliation draws out toxins and conditions the skin.

After heating the body, plunging in the cooling pool directs blood flow back inward while providing the skin some relief. Moving back and forth from heat to cool activates the blood and enhances body wellness. In fact, Russian/Turkish Baths provide many health benefits. The experience leaves the body, mind and spirit healthy, relaxed and rejuvenated.

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