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Russian and Turkish Baths: Education and Etiquette

What do I need for the Russian and Turkish Bath?
A bathing suit and the desire for ultimate relaxation is all you need. You may bring your own slippers, robe, soap and shampoo if you like, but Southampton Spa also provides these items for your convenience.

Getting ready.
Begin at the office where you pay for all-day admission to the spa and any other services you want. Perhaps you’d like a Swedish Massage, Aqua Massage or Platza. Or maybe all three. Valuables can be left with the attendant and you can put the rest of your belongings in a locker, while the key stays with you on a rubber chain for your wrist. The locker number is used when ordering from the juice bar or using the pool table and expenses will be added up at the end of your visit.

Our single-sex changing rooms include private lockers and showers. Always rinse yourself before starting your visit. Slip on a bathing suit, slippers and a robe and you’re ready to begin cleansing, purifying and relaxing.

Start slow.
Feel the heat of the Russian or Turkish Bath work your body immediately. If you have a venik (a bundle of oak, birch or eucalyptus leaves you bring with you or get at the facility), soak it in a bucket of hot water for 10 – 20 minutes. Sit or lie down on a towel on the wood benches and wrap another towel around your head to protect it from overheating. You might ask the attendant to pour some water on the heated stones for more humidity. Don’t stay too long the first time, as your body needs to adjust to the change in temperature. Leave the Russian or Turkish Bath right when you feel hot enough. You can to cool off by sitting in room temperature, taking a shower or a swim. Enjoy some tea for about 10 minutes and relax.

Turn the heat up.
When you’re ready, return to the Russian or Turkish Bath. Your venik will be soft and aromatic, perfect for a light or moderate massage (platza). You may brush your own body with the venik or have a companion gently pat you as you lie on the wooden bench on a towel. If you’re in the Turkish Bath, feel free to stand under the shower for a little relief or enjoy a scrub. Stay in the heat longer this time, just a bit longer than the first time. When it gets too hot, dip in the cold plunge pool for no more than a minute. Your skin will feel relieved, but your inner body will stay warm. A tingling rejuvenation will begin to roll through your body. Now is the perfect time to chat with a friend and have some tea in our comfortable lounge area.

One…or two…or three…more times…
To fully experience the Russian and Turkish Bath and it’s health benefits, it’s best to repeat this cycle several times, like a mantra: hot, cold, relax; hot, cold, relax. Your all-day pass allows you to stay as long as you like, so take advantage of it. If you’re not sure how many times you should repeat the cycle, listen to the wisest part of you: your body. Honor what it’s telling you and your experience will be perfect.

Finishing Touches.
End your visit with the massage of your choice to bring your body, mind and spirit into full alignment. Always allow some time for the body to cool down before getting dressed. Your retreat will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, ready for all the adventures of the real world.

Be a smart bather.
Follow these simple rules and your body will thank you:

• Do not drink alcohol while bathing. Alcohol and heat combined put more stress on the heart.
• Cold drinks slow down detoxification. Drink hot tea to keep your inner body temperature up.
• Do not eat too much; your blood will be too busy with your skin to help with digestion.
• Be cautious if your health is not optimal.
• Do not do vigorous exercises during your day in the spa.
• Different bodies handle heat and cold differently. Do only what’s feels right for your body, not what seems to be right for others.
• Don’t interrupt your relaxation to pour water on the rocks; ask the attendant to do it for you.
• Make sure that you get plenty of rest time between each cycle.

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